Nearby businesses, commuters weigh in on four proposals to replace Buck O’Neil Bridge

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Buck O’Neil Bridge, and what the city plans to do with the historic landmark, is a big topic at MoDOT.

The agency is holding what it calls an “online public meeting” with a video that shows the four options being considered to replace the bridge.

The four plans range from not building a new bridge at all, to building a massive new structure that would move the location of the bridge.

FOX4 took the question to nearby businesses and frequent commuters to see if they’d support a massive project.

“I think it’ll be good to see a change, especially with the traffic flow during high times of the day,” commuter Mark Corkill said. “If there was the on-ramp like they’re talking about, that exit right on I-35, I think that would free things up a whole lot.”

Commuters will have some decisions to make, but nearby business told FOX4 they don’t plan to experience many changes. River Market shops told FOX4 the base of their clientele is local regulars.

“If people want to get here, the bridge changes won’t stop them,” said Justin Lona of HUD CBD. “We do get a lot of tourists through here, but the business is still solid.”

FOX4 also spoke with Quay Coffee and they agreed, saying their clientele wouldn’t let the bridge slow them down.

“They still need their coffee,” laughed Sarah Goodman of Quay Coffee.

If you’d like to see MoDOT’s four options and offer your feedback, just tap or click here.

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