Nearly 10,000 marijuana plants recovered in drug bust

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Kan. — A drug bust in rural Jefferson County Thursday led to the recovery of nearly 10,000 marijuana plants. Deputies worked with several agencies to arrest one man following the drug raid.

Investigators served a search warrant at a home in the 5300 block of Marion Road in rural Jefferson County at about 8:30 Thursday morning. Deputies seized drug paraphernalia from the home. They also searched the Corps of Engineer property east of Perry Lake where they recovered 9,800 marijuana plants, which were being watered from that home. FOX 4 captured video of those plants at the Sheriff’s Department impound lot, ready for destruction.

Police arrested a man who faces five drug charges. They say he was just the middle man in a much larger operation out of Mexico. Sheriff Jeff Herrig said they found this field a year ago and have been building the case since then.

“What they do is bring out Mexicans and they actually stay out on the property until they get it all harvested,” Herrig said. “We had this all planned out all summer and then the FBI got involved with some information tying all these fields in together with the Mexican operation.”

The man arrested posted a $10,000 bond shortly after he was booked into jail.



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