Nearly 2,100 tires removed from worst illegal dump site KCMO has ever seen

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Taxpayers spent about $3,700 to clean up what the city is calling the worst illegal dump site investigators have ever seen.

Neighbors helped identify an entire crew of dumpers caught in the act near 14th Street and Kensington Avenue.

City workers picked up nearly 2,100 tires from the vacant lot Wednesday. The suspects caught dumping could face felony charges as a result.

Photos that are part of the ongoing investigation show just how bad the dump site had become.

A couple of weeks ago, neighbors reported seeing a tractor trailer unloading tires into a vacant lot.

It's an ideal illegal dumping location because it's a dead end street with only a homeless camp nearby.

Then last week, Lori Hillyard called police after seeing the truck return. Her motorcycle shop at the corner of Truman Road captured video of the dumpers red-handed.

"I was in there working and one of the mechanics came in and told me there was somebody dumping tires down there," Hillyard said. "I came out and I looked and it was actually a big semi-truck that had just pulled into the lot and there was like 5 of them. There was just tires going every which way."

City investigators tell FOX 4 they have evidence linking 85 of the more than 2,000 tires to the driver and crew onboard the semi truck. 500 pounds of tires is enough to charge this crime as a felony but the investigation is still underway.

The city had last cleaned the lot in November, so investigator Alan Ashurst believes nearly all of the tires had been dumped this year. The Truman Road Community Improvement District may try to buy the land so neighbors can try to keep this from happening again.



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