Needling away a double chin

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LEAWOOD, Kan. — It’s now possible to get rid of a double chin with a needle instead of the surgical knife. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved an injectable substance called Kybella to dissolve that fat.

Bianca Kirby works at Associated Plastic Surgeons in Leawood where she found her “shot” at getting rid of a double chin.

“Didn’t matter if you lost weight, you always had a little bit of something hanging down,” said Kirby.

She’s one of the first in the metro to try Kybella. She had her first treatment in August.

“I noticed there was quite a bit of difference in there,” she said of her appearance before and after that treatment. Now she’s ready for her second treatment. Dr. Mark McClung marks the area.

“To stay away from a nerve that runs to the corner of your mouth,” Dr. McClung said.

Then the plastic surgeon creates a grid with a dot for each spot to be injected.

He numbs the area with a lidocaine shot and begins injecting Kybella. It’s an acid that’s naturally created by the liver.

“As our body would use that acid to metabolize fat, this product in this concentrated form would kill those fat cells,” said Dr. McClung.

He says most patients need two to four treatments. Each costs $1,200 to $2,000 depending upon how much Kybella is used. He says less is needed with successive treatments. He adds that Kybella is generally for people 60 and under who have good skin tone since you don’t want to be left with sagging skin after the fat is gone.

Kirby says the injections weren’t too uncomfortable.

“Just kinda starts burning a little bit afterwards. Ice is your best friend and helps a lot,” she said.

She applies it for an hour or so, and then she’s feeling fine.

“My chin is up now,” she said.

She’s thinking two Kybella treatments may be enough for her to banish a double chin. She’ll know for sure in a month or so as the fat dissolves.

Dr. McClung says liposuction will remain the preferred option for many people with double chins, especially those with more fat and and those who want a one-time fix instead of multiple treatments.



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