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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Nonprofit Connect recognized the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum as the People’s Choice Equity In Action recipient for 2021.

The award recognizes a nonprofit or individual that has a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Through the lens of baseball, the Museum is in a distinct position to speak to issues of adversity, triumph, and overcoming injustice. Recent forums hosted by Negro Leagues Baseball Museum have included conversations with young, African-American players as well as race forums with coaches and executives. By hosting these discussions around the subjects of equity, diversity and inclusion, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum has brought important dialogues to the forefront of the conversation surrounding racial equity.

Nonprofit Connect

Along with the forums hosted by the museum, President Bob Kendrick hosts a weekly podcast “Black Diamonds” that highlights players, people and events from throughout the history of the Negro Leagues and how innovations shaped the league during a time of segregation.