Man collapses during KCK retirement home fire evacuation

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A fire forced an evacuation at Plaza Towers Senior Living Community, 1200 N 75th Place, Thursday afternoon in Kansas City, Kansas.

Mary Gallet has lived at Plaza Towers for 13 years and says in that time they’ve had plenty of false alarms.

“Usually when the alarms go off, we just kick back because it’s never anything,” resident Mary Gallet said. “But today I could smell it.”

Fox 4’s Shannon O’Brien was on the scene and spoke to residents.

One told her that a man broke his leg during the evacuation, but officials could not confirm that. Allen Canaday is concerned about his neighbor who had heart surgery about a month ago.

“Him and his wife was trying to get out, and he collapsed out there on the ground,” Canaday said.

Canaday said paramedics grabbed the man and put him in an ambulance. There has been no word on his condition.

“He had heart surgery, but he is a pretty strong fellow,” Canaday said. “I think he will probably be all right.”

Fire officials said the first started in a 7th floor apartment but have not released the cause of the fire. Residents think it was likely caused by something electrical.

“It stinks for real because there is a very, very peculiar odor,” resident Jacqeline Sloan said. “I could tell it is electrical.”

“She said there was a fire in the wall and that the maintenance man had opened the fuse box in the apartment and there was fire coming out of that,” Gallet said.

But residents did say they have a great exit strategy for emergencies and feel safer having practiced it Thursday.

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