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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Trash left in yards, dogs let out of gates, workers with no identification — that’s just a few of the problems some are saying Google Fiber contractors are responsible for.

In the Coleman Highlands neighborhood homeowners are complaining that Google contractors aren’t knocking on doors when entering individual yards and they aren’t carrying photo identification.

People are worried about burglars and break-ins, and they say contractors don’t even have tee shirts that say Google on them.

Neighbors also claim these workers are leaving their trash on private property and leaving gates open to individual yards, allowing pets to escape.

Meghan Tallman is a dog breeder who arrived home yesterday afternoon to find Google contractors on her block. She says she specifically told them to make sure the gates to her yard were closed, so her dogs would not escape. But after running an errand and returning home, she discovered three dogs had gotten loose through an open gate, and in their place Google contractors left a pile of trash in her yard.

“I had talked to the guy myself, and they assured me this is going to be taken care of,” Tallman said. “All your gates will be taken care of. And they weren’t. All I could think of was, ‘What do I do?’ We couldn’t even get a hold of anyone at Google last night.”

About 15 friends and neighbors spent four hours searching for Tallman’s dogs last night before police found them safe and sound.

FOX 4 News talked with a couple of other neighbors who expressed similar complaints.

They don’t like the fact that Google contractors don’t carry photo identification, and often enter yards without first knocking on the homeowner’s doors. And they complain that workers dress and sometimes act unprofessional.

Jackson County Legislator Scott Burnett represents this area and says he has received several similar complaints.

He doesn’t believe Google workers are living up to their agreements with the city.

Representatives for Google responded to FOX 4 News late Thursday afternoon and said this about the complaints:

“We’ve investigated and discovered that one particular crew was not following Google Fiber procedures, and we apologize for this.  We will be sending a different crew to the neighborhood soon.  Our standard procedure is to email homeowners a few days before work begins advising them that we’ll be in the neighborhood, and crews knock on a homeowner’s door before beginning work.  All of our contractors are required to carry photo ID and should show it when asked.  And we’re committed to making sure workers leave a property exactly as it was when they arrived, including cleaning up after any work they’ve done,” said a Google spokesperson.