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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — They’re often used to see some of the most beautiful sights around the country, but an RV in Prairie Village isn’t a beautiful sight to at least one neighbor.

An anonymous resident sent a sharply worded note to another neighbor asking it be removed, and is apparently not the only neighbor who objects to the sight of RVs.

The assistant city administrator told FOX 4 a discussion has gone on for a year about where RVs should be parked. Meanwhile the woman who got the offensive letter says the sentiment goes too far.

‘We’re like, ‘oh, this is a little bit extreme,’ especially the way whoever worded the letter as well,” Amy Szablewski said.

Szablewski is talking about not one, but two letters she received from “your Prairie Village neighbors.”

The letter starts by suggesting an RV should be moved as to maintain a “nice and attractive street.” It goes on to say the RV fits right in with some “lesser neighborhoods” such as Independence, Gardner, Troost area, and western Shawnee.

“It wasn’t very polite. Some of the houses in the Troost area he mentioned, those are historical homes. Those are really pretty in my opinion,” Szablewski said.

Not only does Szablewski take offense to the letters, she’s still trying to figure out why it was sent her. She and her husband don’t even have an RV. FOX 4 spotted one up the street from her home, which has a similar address.

We knocked, but no one came to the door. The RV issue isn’t new to Prairie Village.

The assistant city manager told FOX 4 there have been discussions about where RVs should be placed since as far back as December of 2013. The issue is expected to go before city council on January 5 where it will be recommended that RVs be parked behind the front building line.

Meantime, Szablewski says she’s glad her neighbor didn’t actually get the offensive letter, and hopes anyone who has an issue with the RV will find a more polite way to express it.

“I just wish everybody would be nice and go back to what your mamas taught you. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it,” she said.

Szablewski adds that the letter gives a “snooty” reputation to people from Prairie Village, which is something she doesn’t want to be associated with.