Neighbor uses belt to help 13-year-old girl hit by gunfire in KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A birthday party ended in gunfire Saturday night at about 8:30 near Truman Road and Cunningham.  A 13-year-old girl was walking to a friend’s house for a Sweet 16 birthday party when the armed robbery happened and she was shot in the knee.

Thankfully, a neighbor heard the commotion and ran to help. Justin Castle was grilling hot dogs with his son when he heard the blast. He says he didn’t know the 13-year-old girl, Emily Brown, but knew he had to help her. To stop the bleeding, he used his belt as a tourniquet.

“I heard a couple of them say, Oh my god she’s been shot.’ That’s when I kicked it into high gear, jumped over those two walls, and as soon as my feet hit the ground I saw her laying over there. It was as if I saw one of my own daughters laying there, you know,” says Justin Castle.

“As soon I got the tourniquet on her leg, the next words out of her mouth was I need to call my mom, I need to call my mom,” he says.

Kirsten Eib, who was there when it happened, says they were just walking with a group of friends to a birthday party. That’s when she says a car rolled up with three men inside.

“He was like give me all your stuff. And the boy said no. he went to the person in the back and said, ‘Give me the heater,’ And the man handed him the gun,” she says.

The friends ran off but one shot was fired. The bullet landed right behind Emily’s knee. Eib called 911; Castle called Brown’s mom. Regina Brown later met her daughter at Children’s Mercy.

“Her mascara had smeared in big black lines down her face. She doesn’t call me mommy, but she was calling me mommy, just a lot of tears,” says Regina.

With her daughter safe, Regina says she wants to find the guys who did this and put them behind bars. Emily is recovering at the hospital.



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