Neighbors accuse Gov. Brownback’s brother of harassing them

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PARKER, Kan. — Neighbors are speaking out on complaints that Governor Sam Brownback’s brother Jim has been taunting them, according to The Topeka Capital-Journal.

The neighbors told The Topeka Capital-Journal that Jim brags about being invincible due to his family ties with the government in Kansas.

“He thinks he’s invincible,” Joann Peine told The Topeka Capital-Journal. “He’s titillated by harassing us. He finds it funny.”

Peine’s troubles with Jim began when a dog attacked two hogs that belonged to the Peine family. According to the article, Jim claimed he didn’t know who owned the dog, but it was later determined that the dog belonged to his stepdaughter who claimed she wanted revenge after the dog was put down.

The Topeka Capital-Journal also listed things that other neighbors claim Jim has done in the past. That list includes things such as stalking, death threats, trespassing, drive-by gun fire, cattle theft and hit-and-run driving. The article said that others who claimed they were harassed by Jim refused to speak on the record about the harassment because they fear retaliation.

Neighbors told The Topeka Capital-Journal that Jim often boasts that nobody can touch him. A sheriff claims that during one conversation Jim said,” I’ll just call Sam.”

The report adds that Jim was arrested in 2006 for failing to pay child support.

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