Neighbors and businesses frustrated after multiple water main breaks on Stateline Road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- KC Water is trying to figure out what caused two water main breaks on Stateline Road early Tuesday morning.

Although officials with the agency say the the current number of water main breaks is 6% below the average for this time of the year, neighbors dealing with them are still frustrated.

"No brushing teeth, no taking a shower, no shaving, no cooking, not being able to flush toilets," Jim Willard said. "It's very irritating."

Jim Willard lives near one of Kansas City's latest water main breaks, at 100th Terrace and Stateline Road. It happened early Tuesday morning. Workers fixed the main later on Tuesday, but the giant hole at the edge of the yard is still there. KC Water Crews worked on the street Wednesday.

"Water has been out a couple times because of breaks in the neighborhood but not 36 hours," Willard said. "Normally it's fixed within five or 6 hours, 36 hours is a long time to go without water."

The water at Willard's house turned on Wednesday around noon, while FOX4's crews were still there.

"I wanna go take a shower," Willard said.

Tuesday morning, another water main broke at 97th and Stateline Road. The pipe there was at least 65 years old, according to KC Water. Both mains are fixed, and crews are repairing the road in both locations.

Nearby both water main breaks at 800 103rd Street, a fire hydrant leaked. Several of the businesses nearby don't have water.

"Very frustrating," Scott Wingate said, who works at a car dealership on 103rd Street.. "I felt dirty and gross. I had to walk two blocks to wash my hands."

The hydrant was repaired, according to KC Water, and still functions. But it's still a nuisance for people like Wingate.

"No one can get anywhere and we haven't had water for two days and I wash cars for a living so it makes it difficult," Wingate said.

According to KCWater, 311 received a call on July 25, stating that someone hit the hydrant at 800 103rd Street. It was repaired, but a spokesperson said they don't know if the crash is related to the leak from Tuesday.

To see a list of KCWater's repair projects, check this link.



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