Neighbors Angry at Police for Lack of Concern

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If someone fires shots outside your home, you're suppose to call 9-1-1, right? Neighbors in the Northland did but they didn't get the police response they expected.

"It scared the living daylights out of me," said Danny McMullen.

He is talking about what happened about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.

"Pop, pop, pop, about five of them," McMullen said. "I ducked own in my bedroom and come up look through the mini-blinds and see a little silver car sitting out here in front of my house."

He says when police arrived they barely had any response.

"We figured they were going to take everybody's names down," he said. "There was roughly 10-12 neighbors out here."

Police didn't take any names or a report. Neighbor Breezi Elder tried following up with police the next day. She has six kids and says there's a school right down the block.

"I was told they couldn't find anything in the system of ever being a dispatch or a shooting or anything," Elder said. "We went up to Shoal Creek and asked why and that's when we were told. Nobody had any information so there wouldn't be a report.

Neighbors say the cops basically told them that since nobody was shot. There was no property damage and nobody had a license plate. This wasn't worth cops time.

" I feel like it possibly could've been a warning shot and next time it's not going to be a warning shot," Elder said. "I don't know who might have a beef in the neighborhood, what this might've been over  there's a lot of different speculations."

Neighbors tried to preserve the evidence for police, but they say it didn't matter.

"We found all the brass casings," McMullen said. "We had them covered up with little paper cups so nobody would mess with them. They were concerned about us touching them and they walked up picking up the brass casings by hand. No gloves. Nothing."

This happened on the same street where former councilwoman Deb Herman lives. She called a police major and tells FOX 4 the major has offered to meet with residents to discuss their concerns. A police spokesman tells FOX 4 he wants to talk to the officers on the overnight shift first.

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