Neighbors at 37th and Genesse call for action as accidents in the area increase


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Neighbors living near the intersection of 37th and Genessee call the intersection dangerous and problematic. Just five days ago, there was a car crash there that left one of the cars on its top.

Bri Swanson’s front porch camera caught the moment the two cars collided, leaving one car flipped.

“It was scary, it startled us when we woke up. Our windows had been open, and it was loud,” Swanson said.

She said thankfully the drivers walked away from the wreckage.

She and her husband have lived at their home for about a year and half. She said during that time they have seen so many close calls,

“We’ve experienced four to five accidents there,” Swanson said.

Dorothy Arneson, who has lived at the corner house for the last seven years said, it’s constant.

“You either hear the screech of brakes, a long horn, a screech of brakes then bam,” Arneson said.

She believes when drivers pull up to the intersection from 37th, there are visibility issues that have resulted in crashes.

“The sight lines are really difficult, the stop sign is here but you have to get almost halfway or a full car length in the intersection to see if somebody is coming,” Arneson said.

She’d like to see speedbumps, or a four-way stop put in.

Swanson would like to see the same.

“I know a lot of people in the neighborhood have been trying to get the city’s attention to have stop signs installed, so it could be a four-way stop,” Swanson said.

Working for you, FOX4 contacted Kansas city Missouri’s Police Department about the intersection. It said since 2018, there have been 6 crashes.

FOX4 also contacted the Kansas City Missouri Department of Public Works, who said the area doesn’t qualify for a four-way stop because of low traffic volumes and flow of streets. 

The KCMO Spokesperson said its most recent request for a stop sign was Oct. 24, 2021 but it was closed and residents were advised to contact PIAC, the public improvements advisory committee.

Neighbors want something done before another crash happens.

“Are we waiting until something catastrophic or something worse could happen or someone is seriously injured?” Swanson said.

The city spokesperson said public works has been in contact with the Volker neighborhood over the last year on other “traffic calming” projects in the area.

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