Neighbors battling squatters trashing Kansas City neighborhood and vacant homes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City neighbors say squatters are taking over not one, but three homes on Chestnut Avenue and leaving the property a mess.

The uninvited guests are trashing multiple homes, according to the neighbors, and using the backyards as a salvage spot.

“It’s just an eyesore. You move into a neighborhood to try and make things better, and these squatters just come in and make things hard on everybody,” said one neighbor who lives near the vacant homes.

Piles and piles of garbage can be seen inside and out. It’s a battle neighbors said they’ve been fighting for more than a year.

“In the backyard of this place, it is enough trash to cover Linwood and Prospect to 75th and Prospect. Lord knows we have enough trash on Prospect and enough trash in our community,” concerned neighbor Pat Clarke said.

Although it’s a nuisance for some, the city said there isn’t much they can do since the three individual homes are listed as private properties.

City officials have already sent multiple notices and citations to the owners within the last month for unapproved storage, hoarding and missing siding.

But despite the city’s efforts to push the owners to clean up the area, neighbors said they’ve seen no progress.

“We have neighbors that are concerned. I am concerned because this is my community,” Clarke said. “It is bad enough that in our community we are responsible for majority of the trash around here, but the other side is, that other people decide to move in and bring trash from other places, to add to what we already have.”

FOX4 reached out to the owners of the properties but did not hear back for comment.

A city spokesperson said they are doing what they can to continue policing these properties.

Neighbors say they plan to see this clean-up process through.

“We want some action. We expect some action, and we are going to keep doing this until we get it right,” Clarke said.



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