Neighbors call for Kansas City firefighter’s termination after alleged assault in the street

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A monster and a bully: that’s what neighbors call a Kansas City man, who happens to be a Kansas City firefighter, charged with assault.

And, there may be more victims than just the one who came forward.

Pleaze (pronounced ‘Plez’) Robinson is charged with third-degree assault. Raytown Police said it happened at 59th and Blue Ridge in Raytown last month.  That’s where concerned residents met Saturday, Sept. 21, handing out fliers and calling for Robinson’s termination.

The twenty-or-so people who gathered held up sings reading “Firefighters don’t beat women” and “Fire Him, Please.” Cars passed by, honking.

The alleged victim in the original assault at 59th and Blue Ridge stood with the crowd.

“Firemen are supposed to serve and protect, and he didn’t,” She said. “He beat me here in the streets.”

FOX4 tried to contact the Robinson family, they did not respond.

The Kansas City firefighter has been suspended since he was charged with punching, body slamming and beating a woman at the 59th and Blue Ridge intersection last month.

“Pleaze Robinson approached (the victim’s name is redacted), grabbed her from behind and ‘body slammed’ her onto the pavement,” court documents state. “Mr. Robinson then sat on (the victim’s) back and began striking her in in the head with his fist.”

A witness in the court documents “estimated that Mr. Robinson struck the victim at least thirty times.”

“This guy is just a monster,” the alleged victim said. “He is just a bully.  He’s a menace to our community.”

The roughly 20 people agreed, including Pat Clarke, a community organizer.

“If this guy’s a bully, how do you handle him?” Clarke said. “[Protesting] creates awareness.  It lets people know that this type of thing is going on.”

“I’m angry, and I’m upset,” the husband of the alleged victim said.  “There was no reason for him to put his hands on my wife whatsoever.”

Kansas City Police confirm they’ve been to the Robinson home before, but didn’t find enough evidence to arrest him.

The protesters want more than an assault charge on Robinson, but to do that, they need more people to come forward.

“We just want to let people know that this guy is a public figure,” the alleged victim’s husband said. “His job is to put fires out, not to start them.”

To report a crime, call the non-emergency line in Kansas City at 816-234-5111.  To report a crime in Raytown, call the non-emergency Raytown Police line: 816-737-6020.

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