KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A crash caught on camera has neighbors in the Strawberry Hill area of Kansas City, Kansas calling for the city to fix the intersection. They say it needs to happen now before somebody gets hurt.

That tipping point happening Sunday night when a truck slammed into a stop sign, knocking it down and then crashing into Thom Richart’s fence.

“They’re just zipping around this corner without really paying attention,” Richart said.

Richart said because of the way it’s designed drivers come down at a high rate of speed and there’s no sign to make them yield.

“Something bad happens it could be really bad because people are going 40/50 miles an hour through this intersection,” Richart said.

Sunday night his concern on full display as the truck plowed through, remnants from the damage still there with a stop sign turned backward, pieces of the truck still on the ground, tracks from the truck and pieces from that same truck still lay in the grass.

“The guy had come off the curb and hit where the sidewalk is and hit the edge of the fence,” he said.

He’s not the only one concerned and wanting something done.

Artie Scholes who’s owned the 403 Club which sits right across from the intersection, has been here for more than eight years. He said the time for change is now.

“Well it’s certainly a dangerous intersection, there is several entrance points some of which are blind,” Scholes said.

The problem so bad Richart said school bus drivers have put matters into their own hands, to protect their kids.

“And one of the bus drivers actually turns across the intersection so now one can get through so kids can get off,” Richart said.

Something Scholes worries about because often time he has his son up here as he prepares for the day.

“My son is often around here so having people trying to break the sound barrier is a little unnerving,” Scholes said.

FOX4 reached out to the Unified Government and they met us at the intersection, and acknowledged the design is outdated.

“KCK is an older city, so we do have areas like this with those older intersection configurations that really do make things not ideal for residents” said Dave Reno, with the UG Public Works Department.

They pledge to start working on fixing the issues as soon as Wednesday morning.

“We want to figure out how we can help residents in this area, calm that traffic make things safe” Reno said.

They will start with the stop sign that is flipped and then examine if more stops signs are needed and where.

Following that they say they say would be a traffic study to see what exactly would be the best solution for a long term fix.

If you live in Wyandotte County and have an issue you’d like to report they say call their 311 number or the police non-emergency number.