Neighbors’ concerns prompt parking changes near Armour Boulevard bike lanes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After months of complaints about blocked vision on Armour Boulevard thanks to the new bike lanes, the Kansas City Public Works Department says it will be making some changes.

Protected bike lanes were installed along Armour in May 2018. There’s a place for parked cars, a buffer zone and a lane for cyclists next to the side walk.

And ever since they were installed, resident complaints about obstructed vision when turning onto and crossing over Armour haven’t stopped.

“If there’s cars there, you can’t see around them. You have to kind of advance out, and even there you cant see around that Chevy,” Ed Jones said. “So you just kind of half to nose out, and a lot of times I’ll beep my horn to make sure no one is coming.”

Public Works officials said concerns like Jones’ about sight lines and sight distance haven’t let up.

“Usually with these types of projects we expect that any issues would mitigate within six months of the project being implemented. In this case, there are still issues,” Green said.

To improve sight distances, Maggie Green with Kansas City’s Public Works Department said the department will move back “no parking” signs an additional 15 feet at several locations along Armour. Those spots will be based on data from 311 calls.

You can expect to see those no parking signs when the weather gets better.



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