KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was an unusual Sunday for one Kansas City neighborhood, as police cars filled the streets after a man’s dog dug up human remains in the backyard.

“That’s really scary and really weird. You know this neighborhood isn’t that bad,” said Carlos Lopez, who lives on the same block.

“It’s really scary, ’cause like we haven’t experienced anything like this in our past,” Ashly Cix said, who lives right next door to the home.

Police say the dog was doing what most dogs do—digging—when the owner went out to check on the pet and he saw what appeared to be human skeletal remains.

Investigators at this time aren’t sure of the gender, age, or cause of death of this victim. There is no estimation either on just how long these remains were in that backyard.

“She feels scared, nothing like that has ever happened to us like that,” Cix saidabout her mom who lives with her.

Lopez and Cix both were both unsettled by the mystery but still believe their homes are safe.

If you know anything about what happened, you’re asked to call the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.