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KASNAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 first told you about Sunday sideshows happening in the parking lot of the Robandee Shopping Center.

Now neighbors said they’re dealing with a bigger problem behind the building.

“Whatever you can dump back here they dump back here,” Kerry Palmer, who lives in the neighborhood said.

From tires, to beds, to spoiled food in trash bags it’s all drawing flies.

“It’s a situation that’s never been fixed,” Palmer said.

Palmer lives in the Hickman Mills United Neighborhood and said this trash has been piling up since 2016. He said the city hasn’t done much about it.

“If this would’ve been on the west side of Troost or this had been north of the river, you wouldn’t even have this situation,” Palmer said.

A sign on the building says no dumping, no trespassing, but illegal dumpers aren’t following those rules.

“I see people on a regular basis drive through here with cars, trailers, vans full of trash,” Phillip Thayer, who lives in the neighborhood said.

Thayer can’t help but see it from his back porch.

He said the trash started further behind the building and is making its way up.

“I don’t need that in my backyard,” Thayer said. “I don’t need something like that where the rats are going to come over.”

FOX4 reached out to the city about this problem.

We’re told its privately owned property and the property owner is responsible for the cleanup.

“If the trash/dumping is located on the street level of a private property, KCMO can cite the property owner for a nuisance violation. However, this gets tricky if the illegal dumping/trash is behind or hidden on a private property—as we cannot enter private property without permission,” Maggie Green, spokesperson for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

The city said it scheduled a conference call with the property owner before, who lives out of state, but the owner did not attend the call.

It said there was an illegal dumping case a few years ago that was addressed by the illegal dumping team and the case was closed.

Since reaching out the city said Code Enforcement Officers from Neighborhoods and Community Services were onsite and noted numerous Chapter 48 (nuisance) violations including trash and weeds. There was also open access to a vacant portion of the center which was boarded by city crews.

The city said it has been in touch with the owner (out-of-town owner) to let them know their findings and let them know those issues needed to be addressed immediately otherwise, he’ll be facing administrative actions such as citations, fines, etc.

Palmer said the city’s response is not enough and he feels like more can be done. “What’s the point in having laws if you aren’t going to enforce them,” Palmer said.