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**Update: The Missouri Highway Patrol says Jordan Ray is back in custody**

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A teenage boy convicted of second-degree murder has escaped a juvenile detention center in the Northland, where he was serving his sentence.

Law enforcement agencies across the metro are now searching for 16-year-old Jordan Ray.

Police sources told FOX 4 that Jordan escaped the Northwest Regional Youth Center at 4901 NE Barry Road, either by running out a door or hopping a fence, and then getting into a waiting car and taking off with an accomplice.

The crime Jordan is convicted of dates back to June 30, 2014, when he was just 14.

Authorities said several people reported hearing gunfire in the 6300 block of 127th Street in Grandview, Mo., and soon discovered a teen had fired a gunshot into a home.

“I heard arguments,” remembered neighbor Angel Vaughan, “and then I heard a bang, bang, bang, and didn’t know what happened.”

popsWitnesses said Gregory Moody, a 41-year-old father of four, confronted Jordan after the shooting. He tried to seize a loaded gun Jordan was holding when the teen shot him in the chest and killed him.

Moody’s family said two of his children witnessed his killing.

“One of the kids kept on saying, ‘Dad, hang in there! Dad, hang in there,’” recalled Vaughan.

Vaughan would soon find out that father who was shot was Moody, a family friend.

“My heart went out to the family, went out to the kids,” she said. “It`s not fun to lose a dad, to lose any parent.”

Vaughan’s husband, Clifton, also remembered how it happened.

“He tried to stop a fight or something and one of the kids just pulled out a gun and shot him point-blank,” Clifton said.

Two teenage boys were charged with the crime, including then 14-year-old Jordan, who was eventually convicted of second-degree murder.

“I wanted to know where the kid got the gun,” Clifton wondered.

Law enforcement agencies are now circulating Jordan’s picture to try to track him down after his escape.

“Why wasn’t it secure?” Vaughan wondered of the juvenile detention center. “He`s a 16-year-old kid… You`d think they`d have more control over our teenagers.”

She’s now concerned Jordan might return to their neighborhood while eluding police.

“What`s to say he`s not going to try to come back and give problems with somebody else?” Vaughan asked. “So I`m nervous.”

When FOX 4 called the detention center for comment, they directed us to a spokesperson for the Department of Social Services, who said she’s referring all questions to local law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Moody’s widow declined an interview Thursday, but told us she’s “terrified and shocked” to hear Jordan is back on the streets.

If you’ve seen him or know where he is, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.