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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An art sculpture in one Kansas City neighborhood has some people very upset. They say it’s attracting kids to a registered sex offender’s yard.

People who live in the Blue Hills neighborhood said a bike sculpture is drawing lots of attention from kids. But they say, that isn’t a good thing.

The hanging bike sculpture in his yard looks like a regular piece of art, but some people want it taken down.

A woman who regularly visits the neighborhood with her children to see her family is part of the group who want the structure to disappear.

“They got my attention with these bikes up here. They got put up here. I thought it was art, and it was nice. But if it got my attention, it’ll get another child’s attention,” the woman told FOX4.

The problem? The man, who lives here and who neighbors say built the structure, is on the Missouri Sex Offender’s List.

His name is Fidel Nunezreyes. He was most recently convicted of statutory rape in 2004.

Neighbors said he’s lived in this Woodland Avenue house for about three years. Other Blue Hills residents said they wish Nunezreyes would’ve told them of his status.

“I feel like the children aren’t safe around here. I don’t feel like the kids are safe because he still never said nothing,” the woman said.

People who frequent the area said along with the sculpture, Nunezreyes needs to leave the neighborhood.

“I think they need to move away from here. I don’t think they need to be here,” the woman said.

FOX4 reached out to the man who built the sculpture. He didn’t answer the door.

Neighbors said there’s a lot of kids in this area. Paseo Academy High and King Elementary schools are just a few blocks away.

FOX4 has reached out to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to find out if they know about what’s going on. They have not responded at this time.