KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Neighbors and weapons specialists are reacting after a Kansas City man was charged, accused of impaling his brother with a katana.

Police said the suspect originally told authorities his victim had taken his own life, according to court documents.

But the true conflict was later revealed 38-year-old Aaron Winn told detectives the dispute started over the oven being turned off while he made pizza, according to court documents.

It happened at a home near 62nd Street and Tracy Avenue. A worker at the home found the victim on the front porch, according to court documents.

That worker saw the sword stuck in the victim’s chest. Emergency responders noted the sword had gone all the way through him.

The victim has since been identified as Karl Winn. His brother, Aaron Winn, has now been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in his brother’s death.

Neighbors described Aaron Winn as being well-known for his belligerence.

“I would see him fighting with people. Like not even that long ago — actually on the 2nd, he was fighting with somebody at like 12 in the morning,” said Ashley Munoz, who lives nearby. “And I would see them always outside drunk. Always something was happening honestly.”

The Jackson County Medical Examiner determined Karl Winn’s cause of death was multiple sharp force entries.

One witness “said the victim took three deep breaths before she believed he died, but did not say anything to her,” according to court documents.

Investigators said the sword “was black in color with a black and red handle,” according to court documents.

Baer Kenney, lead instructor at the Northland’s Baer Swords School of Western Martial Arts, said he emphasizes safety during weapons training. He said although this death is shocking, it’s also not surprising.

“The blade would be slightly curved with an angled tip on the end. Both of these and those would be equally deadly,” said Kenney, describing katanas.

“Cheap swords will break, but it’s when they’re hitting other swords or something hard. Even a very inexpensive sword that you pick up on eBay or something will go right through a person,” Kenney said.

He also said these weapons should be secured from children “or the mentally unstable, whether they are not in touch with reality or simply depressed, any along that. Lock any weapon up, and that includes guns, rifles, swords, knives,” Kenney said.

Neighbors said the sword aspect of this situation is disturbing.

“And for you to even have one and to think to do that to your family, I don’t know. I think that’s kind of crazy because, me personally, I’m a family person and I would never in my life think about doing that,” Munoz said.

According to court documents, Aaron Winn also showed authorities a 16-minute Facebook Live video where he threatened his brother with violence for turning off the oven while he was making a pizza. In that video, Winn threatens his brother with a taser.

Aaron Winn is currently being held on a $750,000 bond.

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