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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — A suspect remains behind bars in Oklahoma, awaiting extradition back to Kansas following a double homicide and kidnapping case.

State troopers took 40-year-old Donny Jackson into custody Saturday evening in Erick, Oklahoma. Jackson is at the center of an AMBER Alert and murder case.

He’s accused of kidnapping his two daughters. Officers also found the girls’ brothers dead inside a Leavenworth home. A small memorial is now there, yards from toys scattered around.

The Lansing School District is preparing to counsel students and staff for their return to class Monday morning. People in the neighborhood where Jackson lives are dealing with the loss as well.

“Oh, it’s a tragedy,” Neighbor Nancy Teasdale said. “It’s just a tragedy. You never can understand how, why things like this happen.”

Teasdale has lived in the neighborhood for 13 years. She said she has never seen this sort of violence in the area. She lives up the street from the house where two boys, 14 and 12, were found dead Saturday.

Relatives became suspicious when one of them didn’t show up for a soccer game. When officers got to the house, they found the two boys dead.

At the same time 40-year-old, Donny Jackson, was on the run with the boys’ younger sisters.

“That day, officers knocked on the door, and as soon as they said there was a shooting, I picked up the phone and started calling my neighbors,” Teasdale said. “I never heard any fights, arguments, disputes, anything going on.”

The reason behind Austin and Logan’s deaths is still a mystery. Teasdale said people in the neighborhood are trying to cope with the sudden loss.

“I immediately called the closest neighbor that lives to the house, and she said she thinks it’s a lot more than a bump in the road,” Teasdale said. “There’s something bad going on.

The brothers were 7th and 8th grade students at Lansing Middle School. Superintendent Dan Wessel said the district has a plan for grief counseling when students return to class in person on Monday.

“We’ll have available at our Lansing Middle School approximately eight professionals for our students to speak to tomorrow, and then we’ll also have one at our other locations also,” Wessel said.

Wessel said an incident like this affects everyone, especially when you live in close knit community.

“Obviously anytime that something like this happens in your community it’s a tragic loss,”  Wessel said. “It impacts all facets of our school system down to our community.”

The school district said the Crisis Intervention Team met Sunday and another meeting will be held Monday morning for staff at the middle school.

FOX4 is keeping an eye out for charges.