Neighbors shocked to hear gunfire outside KCK elementary, leaving 15-year-old dead


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A shooting near a Kansas City, Kansas, elementary school left a 15-year-old dead Tuesday.

Some of the children attending summer school and those who live in the area witnessed the shooting. It didn’t happen on school property but on the sidewalk that runs along the street. The school went into immediate lockdown.

A mom who lives near Hazel Grove Elementary spoke to FOX4 but did not want to be named because the killer or killers have not been caught. She had just gotten home from picking up her 6-year-old son from a different summer school program and went inside her house.

Her son was still outside in the yard when she heard the gunshots.

“It scared me to death. All I could do was run, thinking God, I hope this was not meant for him,” the mother said. Her son was unharmed. “I grabbed him real quick and got him in the door and shut the door and looked across the street, and the guy was laying on the concrete.”

The Hazel Grove summer school principal sent out a letter to parents of summer school students that said, at the time of the shooting, none of the students or staff were in danger, but she acknowledged some of the students witnessed the incident.

To our Hazel Grove Summer School Families,

I want to inform you about an incident today that some of your children may come home and have questions about. This afternoon there was a shooting in the area. While none of the students or staff were in danger, we do know that some of our students in an area of our school witnessed the incident.

At any age, seeing something like this could be traumatic. We do not expect you to have all the answers to questions your child may have, and know it’s okay to tell you children that you don’t know. With that said, we do have trained staff for incidents like this. Our Incident Response team was on site minutes after hearing the news and will remain here for our staff and students.

At this time, I do want to also thank the staff here today that made sure that student safety stayed the main priority. As for the incident, we do know that this is now a police matter and they are continuing to investigate.

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to me.


Bob Daugherty has lived in the area for 23 years, and he said it’s always been a quiet neighborhood. He was inside his house when he said he first saw the teenage victim, just minutes before the 15-year-old was gunned down.

“I opened the window and I saw him walk by with a girl, and I closed the window and that’s when I heard the shots,” Daugherty said. “I thought it was fireworks. I came outside and headed up there, and that’s when I saw him laying up there.”

Daugherty joined other people who also rushed out to help. He said he spoke to the girl who was with the victim, and she told him what she saw.

“Said it was a white Ford truck pulled up and ask him what his name was or asked him if he was a certain person. He said no, they shot him and then they took off down the street,” Dougherty said.

Daugherty said the victim was not moving but was breathing when EMS arrived. They tried to save his life, but the teenager didn’t make it.

Police are looking for leads in this case. If you have any information, you are asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. All tips are anonymous.

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