Neighbors wake up to crews drilling after car gets stuck in hole in the road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People who live on 75th Street between Holmes and Harrison were in for a rude awakening Friday morning.

A car got stuck in a hole in the road. Crews had to drill and cover the massive hole with metal plates.

“Next thing you know last night at 5:30 in the morning they’re drilling in the middle of the road,” Kelsey Allen-Scruggs said. “It woke us up.”

KCMO Public Works said the hole is not a pothole, but rather a utility cut from a KC Water project. Neighbors say it’s a big nuisance when it comes to traffic and noise.

“Oh my God, every time we would come this way, we live right around the block, we have to you know, get into the middle of the street and hope that nobody`s actually coming this way,” Cedric Boyd said.

Boyd and his neighbors hope for a fast, more permanent solution soon.

“I don’t see the city getting on this ASAP pronto, they just put a plate over it to cover it,” Boyd said. “Ain’t no telling how long it’s going to be here.”



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