Neighbors want a change at dangerous, busy Kansas City intersection

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A busy, dangerous intersection in Kansas City has some nearby neighbors calling for a change.

“It’s really scary for a lot of drivers," Joshua Jackson said of the busy intersection at East  35th Street and Euclid Avenue. "Somebody needs to do something about it."

Jackson said on the night of Nov. 17 he was standing outside when all of a sudden: “I saw the burgundy truck coming down 35th and a little, black Honda coming towards the stop sign north bound on Euclid Avenue.”

Jackson then pulled out his cell phone and caught the horrific, two car crash on video.

“Man as soon as the burgundy truck got closer, the Honda hit it,” Jackson said of the crash that happened just outside his family’s front door.

The truck flipped over on its side, Jackson said. He cut his hand when he smashed out a window to help a couple trapped inside the smoking vehicle.

“The door was jammed shut, so I had to literally bend the door all they way back to get them out,” Josh told Fox 4’S Robert Townsend.

He’s convinced the two vehicles collided because it appeared as though the Honda driver, who traveled north on Euclid, couldn't see around a tall pillar on the end of a nearby bridge.

As a result, Jackson said when the Honda driver moved forward a little onto 35th Street, she smacked into the oncoming truck.

“They can’t see around the corner," he said. "There’s just no way for those people to know that the other drivers are coming."

“It’s frustrating because I have young kids here and just like that car turned over outside my home, it could have flipped in my yard,” Watema Jackson said. The Jacksons have lived at the corner of East 35th and Euclid since May.

“I’ve seen five wrecks here since I’ve been here," Watema Jackson said. "Lots of people speed through and during one wreck a car went clear across the road. In another crash a bumper flew off a car."

A spokesman for Kansas City Police tells Fox 4 their dispatch “found zero” car crashes at the intersection residents say definitely needs some changes.

“I think maybe they should put some flashing lights here, make it a four way stop or jut put in a traffic signal," Watema Jackson said. "We need something so these drivers can see around that pillar."

“They might even need to tear down those pillars over there, so people can see the stop sign," said Leanna Caldwell, who’s lived near the busy intersection for 13 years.

“During the entire time I’ve been here, I’d say it’s been dangerous,” Caldwell said.

A spokesman for the Missouri Department of Transportation said they own the bridge and will now take a look at residents’ concerns.

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