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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The vacant Robandee Shopping Center in south Kansas City is now the home of frequent illegal sideshows.  

It’s a troubling trend that’s been happening across various parts of Kansas City, but residents of the Hickman Mills United neighborhood group said the noisy gatherings happen every Sunday.  

From the ground, things looked normal Tuesday when FOX4 visited the shopping center, but from above you can see all the skid marks from the sideshows. 

Neighbors caught the action on camera this past week. Hundreds of spectators gathered in the parking lot.

“It’s loud, squealing brakes that type of stuff,” resident Bobbi Proctor said. “We don’t need extra stuff like this going on, and somebody may eventually get hurt.” 

Neighbors said the sideshows aren’t violent now, but things could quickly get worse. 

“I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was a spot for them to do it that could be watched and monitored, maybe by the police,” resident Karry Palmer said. 

Just last week, a sideshow spun out of control across the state line in Kansas City, Kansas. Police said a driver doing donuts hit a 24-year-old man standing in the crowd.

“All it takes is one idiot with the gun, and then stuff can go sideways,” Palmer said. 

Residents said spectators leave behind trash every week as well.

“And neighbors don’t want to hear and see all of that,” Proctor said. “I don’t think I would want to come down this close on Sunday evenings with all this going on.”

Kansas City police said when it comes to these sideshows, officers have a strategy on how to respond, but they must weigh the risk. Officers also urge people to call police when the sideshows are going on.