KANSAS CITY, Mo. — He is one of the most well known sculptors in the world and starting this Saturday, you can see some of his work at the Nelson Atkins Museum. 

His name is Alberto Giacometti, and he is considered one of the most important influences of modernism. The touring exhibit, Alberto Giacometti: Toward the Ultimate Figure, will debut in Kansas City this weekend. 

Giacometti portrayed the human body in a new way, often using his brother, wife and friends as models. He would then do something different with the bronze, such as make the sculpture really thin or rough on the outside.

His work has influenced many working artists today.

“He is one of the most important modernist artists working in the 20th century. He was a sculptor who was in love with the human figure. He showed the way the human figure really expresses emotion, because we all live in our bodies and our bodies are the way that we interact with the world,” William Keyse Rudolph, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, said.

The exhibit opens on Saturday, March 18 and runs through mid-June. Tickets for the exhibit cost $18 and can be purchased on the museum’s website.