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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Beyond the Christmas decor at Queen’s Price Chopper near 87th and Antioch is a new system to keep shoppers safe while roaming the store. 

“Hopefully it gives them a peace of mind,” Price Chopper Owner Barry Queen said.

Several machines, attached to poles throughout the store, essentially create cleaner air. 

Queen hired Lenexa-based company Synexis to install the air sanitizers at all five of his locations. 

The bill? About a quarter of a million dollars.

“It’s the food business and the people business,” Queen said. “So when you find something that’s good for both — that’s a win, win.”

Here’s how it works. Synexis CEO Eric Schlote said the device converts stuff in the air into dry hydrogen peroxide. It’s the chemical that disinfect the air. 

Schlote said this system has been tested on everything from the flu bug to coronavirus and even mold. 

In a space like a grocery store, he said to expect a percent reduction in contaminants. 

“It’s helpful in a broad range of environments, particularly to an environment like this, you’ve got a lot of produce, you’ve got a lot of traffic, people in and out,” Schlote said. You’ll also find these machines in schools, restaurants, hospitals and people’s homes.