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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A new approach to handling medical emergencies is helping Overland Park paramedics respond faster than ever.

Squad 47 is based inside of a residential home, not a fire station. The new location at Indian Creek Parkway and Reeds Road has allowed the paramedics to shave almost 90 seconds from their response time and arrive before an ambulance in areas from Metcalf to Mission.

“That could mean life or death in certain situations, ” EMS Chief Brad Cusick said.

The squad has been based inside of the home since December. The home houses six people over three shifts. There is one paramedic and one firefighter EMT for each shift.

Because the squad is based in a residential area, they promise they won’t cause any disruptions by using lights and sirens until 103rd street.

The additional location helps alleviate some of the excess calls from two other fire stations and allows the other stations to focus on calls other than medical.