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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KCPD are investigating a shooting at the West Bottoms outside ‘The Edge of Hell Haunted House’ on Friday night.

“People were fighting all over the place it was anarchy,” Andrew Heckey, a security guard, told FOX4 and added the scene was chaotic.

Heckey says he was handing out tickets when he was trampled.

“A bum rush of like 30 people knocks me over. I see a bottle come flying and it hits me on the head,” Heckley said.

When staff and security attempted to break up the fights, Heckey said they were also attacked. 

“Both of my managers ended up getting into the hospital. They don’t know exactly what happened to them, but I heard something about metal detectors thrown,” Heckey added.

After Heckey says he was hit in the head with a glass bottle he grabbed his fiancé and left. He vowed to never come back.

“No! No! Me and my girl are staying out (of there)! I have made sure my sisters aren’t going back either. I am not testing that. I have got a bad gut feeling, and I have never not trusted my gut, and that got me out of there,” Heckley said.

Heckey’s sister was in line when she says bullets flew past her and sent FOX4 this cell phone video:

Joshua Jenkins and his 10-year-old son were in the crowd, and ran inside the building when shots were fired.

Once inside Jenkins said he used his body to shield his son from the gunfire. 

“You know I laid myself on top of him out there in the corner. It was just scary for all of us. My mom was scared too, she was crying, my son was crying,” Jenkins said.

“You hear the initial gunshot they you will hear a wop. And I was hearing the wops, so it was definitely hitting people,” Jenkins said.

Police tell FOX4 two people were shot and are being treated at Truman Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. 

The Edge of Hell provided this statement on Saturday afternoon:

The Beast and Edge of Hell Haunted attractions closed on opening night before everyone in line could get through, shortly before midnight. There were a few incidents reported of people cutting in line that resulted in disturbances. Police and security were able to diffuse the situation, and the haunted houses took the extra precaution of closing to disperse those involved.

The haunted attractions’ management appreciate the overwhelming support and patience as the staff correctly implemented 2020 safety protocols. Due to protocols in place, the wait to get inside was longer than usual. Additional staff and security will be ready to assist visitors outside the haunted attractions for the remainder of the season. Both haunted attractions have operated for decades, and as a small business, their perseverance reflects their gratitude to their haunt fans, their employees, and the city.

Beast and Edge of Hell management

The Kansas City Police Department confirmed that the shooting happened at 1300 W. 12th Street near the Edge of Hell