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ROELAND PARK, Kan. — The city of Roeland Park has announced changes to its decades-old city leaf collection program.

The city will soon debut a brand new leaf vacuum that changes the way curbside leaf pickup is done. In the past, residents had been instructed to sweep leaves into the street, and a city vehicle would come by and sweep them up.

Starting this November, residents will rake leaves to their curb, and a brand new machine will come by and vacuum them up.

City leaders say the new method should keep more leaves and debris out of storm drains, and it’s more durable than machines used for this job in the past.

“The leaf vacuum truck seems to be the most appropriate for what we were trying to achieve: number one, keep the program the same; number two, how do we eliminate the safety and environmental hazard of the leaves being in the street. So the leaf vacuum truck actually helps with those two things,” Roeland Park Public Works Director Jose Leon said.

The new leaf collection policy starts this November. Visit the city’s website for a complete collection schedule.