New concerns surround safety of credit cards with computer chip after some say their chip fell out

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Grab your wallets and check your credit cards --there's a new security warning about those little computer chips glued to your cards.

They can actually fall out and be used by other people to access your accounts.

A reminder to folks to be careful with "smart" technology. This little chip on the front of your card basically stores the same amount of info as the magnetic stripe on the back and can fall out

According consumer blogger Jean Stratham, some cards are falling apart and chips are coming loose.  Those chips can be glued onto other cards and used. Chase Bank says the chips have an extra layer of security, but still can be hacked.

As far as the chips falling out, Chase Bank says it happens, but it's pretty rare. They receive about 10 calls per month regarding chips falling out.

If someone does glue your chip onto another card the number won't match on the receipt, but a cyber security expert says the purchase will go through and may not be detected.

So what do you do if you notice your chips are wearing down? Call the card-issuer immediately for a new one and monitor accounts frequently. Some banks will let you set up alerts to help monitor activity.

Chase Bank did say customers have zero liability of fraud if they report the problem right away.



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