New Crossroads mural adds to the landscape of Chiefs artwork in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Break out the selfie stick. A local paint company is joining the Chiefs frenzy ahead of Super Bowl LIV with a new mural in the Crossroads.

The artwork, found on the side of Made in KC, is made of two parts. One part is a red background with a yellow, “Go Chiefs!” message, and the other part is the same design with opposite colors. Backdrop, formed in 2018, created both the mural and the paint that was used for it.

  • Picture of Made in KC Chiefs mural
  • Picture of Made in KC Chiefs mural

“We’re excited to celebrate this time with the city and to contribute in our own way, as a paint brand and painting company, creating a wall mural is a natural form of expression,” co-founder Caleb Ebel said. “We hope the city enjoys the mural as much as we do!”

As far as the location, co-founder Natalie Ebel said it was more of a celebration with Made in KC rather than a business partnership.

“We were looking for a great spot to put up our first ever mural to celebrate the Chiefs going to the super bowl and the team at Made in KC were generous and excited to let us paint their building. We had the idea on Friday and were able to get it up on Monday,” Natalie Ebel said in an email. “As a company born in KC, we have a lot of hometown pride.”

You can find the mural at the Made in KC Flagship store on 18th Street between Cherry and Locust.



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