KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A mural in the crossroads is challenging Chiefs fans to get loud and show they’re ready for gameday. It’s opening game week in the Chiefs Kingdom — and the new mural, near 18th and Locust, is helping increase excitement — one decibel at a time. 

Artist Phil Shafer, aka Sike Style, said he designed this mural to pump up fans for Thursday’s game as they channel Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Sike Style’s latest mural challenges Kansas City Chiefs fans to channel their inner-Andy Reid.

When Chiefs Fans read the mural, they hear Big Red say, “How ’bout those Chiefs?!”

“You get in the mural like this,” Shafer said, “and you give it your best, ‘how ’bout those Chiefs?!'”

That’s what Shafer envisioned when he created the mural. He’s the owner and lead artist of Sike Style Industries. 

They worked day and night, during that week when there were extreme temperatures for several days, just to bring this mural to life. They wanted to get it done before kickoff for fans to enjoy. 

“This one’s a direct message and it just challenges people,” Shafer said, “and it isn’t a hard challenge, just interact with it, yell out loud, scream, get a good photo or video with people. and I think it’s a good entrance into appreciating Chiefs Kingdom and getting your picture taken.”

Shafer said tackling this mural took 10 gallons of red and a half-dozen cans of yellow paint.

“I like the color of the yellow and the red on it,” 6-year-old Abby said. 

While Abby admired the impressive paint job, Juliana Meza saw how this piece of art highlights a supportive community. 

“Last year whenever we did win the Super Bowl, you see that sea of red,” Meza said, “and it just shows that all of us really do show love for our team, and we all stick together.”

Shafer said he also wants the fans to feel supported as we gear up for game day — that’s one reason why he created this – to get people pumped.

“The kingdom started here in Kansas City and it grows from there, so we want to make sure that we represent the city for the awesome fans to enjoy,” Shafer said. 

The Chiefs begin defense of their Super Bowl title when they host the Detroit Lions Thursday at 7:30 p.m.