New dad feels doubly lucky after close call during flash flood on Hickman Mills Drive

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jesse Smith was living on Cloud Nine after becoming a father for the first time.

"I`ve had a lot of stuff kind of going on these last couple of days. Like I said I just had a baby and it was a really exciting day for me yesterday," Smith said.

But Monday's storms placed a cloud over his joy.

"Then I wake up this morning, hearing I`m having some flooding in my basement, trying to rush home from the hospital, get here, and hit that water. It`s like `oh no, how could today get possibly worse?`" he said.

Around 6 a.m., Jessie was on the way home when he turned his car onto Hickman Mills Drive, but didn't see the road had become a lake.

"As soon as I hit it, tried to hit the brake, but at that point I already hit that air pocket, and I was floating, nothing I could really do until it set on the ground," he said.

Jesse was able to get out but his car was quickly overtaken by the water.

"I feel lucky that I didn`t hurt myself. I was coming around the corner going around 15 to 25 mph, you hit that water and it stops you, I`m lucky I didn`t smash my face on the steering wheel or anything," Smith said.

Although Jesse spent most of Tuesday fishing his flooded car from the water, he was counting his blessings and thankful that he will be able to see his new family, including his baby girl, Amelia, again.

"It could have been way worse. I could have hit a big hole in there somewhere and tilted the car. I could have gotten stuck in there or I could`ve gone deep enough that I could have drown. I just had a baby girl, I`m happy that I`m safe and able to go up to the hospital," Smith said.

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