New details on how Missouri National Guard will help with vaccine distribution


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Gov. Mike Parson activated the Missouri National Guard to help vaccinate millions of Missourians. Parson revealed more of his plan Tuesday.

“I have activated the Missouri National Guard to assist in establishing and staffing mass COVID-19 vaccination and targeted vaccination sites,” Parson said in a Facebook post. “The National Guard will also be deploying administrative teams to assist local health agencies and other providers with data backlogs.”

Missouri and Kansas have lagged behind other states in the vaccination process. Leaders in both states said part of the reason is because the data is behind the actual number of doses given. Health departments in both states said they focus on getting vaccines in arms and then enter the data about the people who’ve been vaccinated. Parson’s plan helps address that issue.

The Missouri National Guard will also work with the faith community and leaders in Kansas City. They effort will focus on people who are normally underserved or have greater risk factors making them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The biggest issue, according to both Parson and health experts in Missouri and Kansas, is that the vaccine supply remains limited.

Officials have not released any details about sites in the Kansas City area. Parson said locations, dates and more details for sites in Missouri’s other eight regions will be released later this month.

“Current demand for the vaccine far outweighs the current supply that the state is allotted by the federal government,” Parson said. “These mass vaccination and target vaccination sites will ensure that vaccines are being administered as efficiently as possible and that every Missourian will have the opportunity to eventually receive a vaccine regardless of where they live.”

Missouri has a website to help you get the latest information about COVID-19 and when you’re eligible to get a vaccine. That information is at



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