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OLATHE. Kan. – Newly released court documents show the deadly crash where two young men died in early October was the result of road rage.

According to court papers, a witness told police that he saw a dark colored minivan, driven by 45-year-old Bradley Woodworth, and Samuel Siebuhr’s gold Toyota Avalon, speeding down 151st Street.

The witness said they appeared to be jockeying back and forth with each other. The witness had to move out of the way as the two tried to pass him, side-by-side, creating a three-wide scenario just before the crash.

Woodworth and Siebhur hit each other, sending Siebuhr’s car spinning out of control, through the median and into oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic was a Suzuki, driven by 18-year-old Matthew Bloskey.

When Bloskey hit Siebuhr, Siebhur’s car burst into flames. Both young men died. Woodworth took off.

20-year-old Samuel Siebuhr and 18-year-old Matthew Bloskey

“Either one could have backed off, it could have been him, it could have been my brother,” said Siebhur’s brother Timothy. “But due to the effect of it all, it didn`t seem like either one decided to.”

Six days later, police finally caught up Woodworth when he was found in his Honda in Miami County.

“It kind of haunts me to wonder what was going on through Bradley’s head,” said Siebhur. “What he was thinking about, was he thinking about his life? Was he thinking about what he had?”

Woodworth was the subject of news reports when the father of two boys lost his job while being treated for cancer in 2009. Details of his life after that are unknown.

“I can understand where he is coming from, but it doesn’t really give him a right to kill innocents,” said Siebhur.

Woodworth is in jail, held on a $100,000 bond for failure to stop at a fatal accident. Siebhur says he will eventually forgive Woodworth, but hasn’t been able to yet.