Editor’s note: Some readers may find details in this story graphic.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — New court documents filed by federal prosecutors detail decades of alleged abuse by former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Det. Roger Golubski, including information on seven victims that have not been previously disclosed.

Golubski was indicted this week by a federal grand jury on six counts of violating the civil rights of two women between 1998 and 2002. His court appointed attorney entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf in federal court in Topeka.

On Friday, new court documents filed by the prosecution in an effort to keep Golubski behind bars pending trial detail an alleged pattern of sexual abuse and violence aimed at Black women and girls in the KCK community.

The motion states that the prosecution believes that Golubski, “engaged in a longstanding pattern of using his position as a law enforcement officer to terrorize and traumatize the victims of his sexual assaults, primarily young Black women in vulnerable positions whom the defendant exploited.”

Victims 1 & 2

The government laid out its case for Golubski’s pre-trial detention by making statements about the two women whom Golubski is accused of assaulting.

The first victim told investigators that she was a young teenager in middle school when Golubski called her from a blocked number and told her she was a potential witness in a crime.

When the victim met with Golubski, he allegedly threatened the child’s grandmother before asking her, “Do you have Caucasian in you? Do you want some?”

The child did not understand what Golubski meant and began crying before Golubski slapped her, cursed at her and offered her money for sexual favors, court documents say. He then allegedly violently sexually assaulted the crying victim before telling her that she needed to keep mouth shut or she could “kiss [her] sweet little grandmother goodbye.”

The government alleges that Golubski raped and sexually assaulted the victim numerous times over the next three years.

He also allegedly threatened to kill the victim, taking her to a cemetery and telling her to find an area to dig her own grave.

On one occasion he allegedly made the victim wear a dog collar and walk on all fours, telling her that if she disobeyed him she “would end up in the river with the fishes and no one would find her.”

The second victim, who identified herself publicly as Ophelia Williams, met Golubski in 1999 when he served a search warrant on her house and arrested her teenage sons.

After telling Williams that he could “really help” her teenage sons, he raped her, according to court documents.

The alleged abuse continued over the next two to three years, court records say. When Williams told Golubski she was going to tell someone what he was doing, he allegedly replied that if she did he would have someone do something to her and she would never be found, prosecutors say.

Other victim 1

According to court documents, this victim contacted Golubski in the mid-1980s for help with a traffic ticket.

After asking for help, Golubski allegedly offered to have the ticket dropped and propositioned her for sex, which she rejected.

He then allegedly drove her to a cemetery and flashed his gun before ordering her out of the vehicle and told her no one would believe her but they would believe him.

Other victim 2

This victim told investigators that she was walking home with groceries in the mid-1980s when Golubski drove up and offered her a ride home.

When she rejected the offer, Golubski allegedly flashed his badge and she got into the vehicle. Golubski also allegedly drove this victim to a cemetery where he sodomized her.

About a week later, prosecutors allege Golubski showed up at the victim’s apartment and tried to convince her to leave with him. Golubski left after the victim’s then-boyfriend intervened.

Other victim 3

According to court documents, between 1989 and 1991 this victim was around 21 or 22 years old when she got into an argument with her boyfriend and walked to a park where Golubski approached her.

Instead of taking her home, Golubski allegedly took her to a field where he sodomized and raped her. He then allegedly warned her not to say anything because, “who would believe you over me?”

The victim went to Truman Medical Center where a rape kit was performed but left the facility before police arrived.

About two months later, Golubski spotted the victim walking to a friend’s house when he approached her and told her that she needed to keep quiet or he would “put a case” on her brother.

Other victim 4

This victim allegedly met Golubski in 1990 when he was assigned to investigate her then-husband. He allegedly sexually assaulted this victim from the mid-90s until 2004 when she changed her phone number and moved.

When Golubski saw the victim again in 2016 when she was at the hospital, he allegedly told her, “Long time, no see.” She said she was terrified and changed hospitals.

Other victim 5

This victim allegedly met Golubski when she was 18-years-old in 1990 when he visited her home as part of an investigation.

According to court documents, Golubski pressured the victim for sex and offered to keep her brothers out of trouble and offered to pay her money.

When she declined, those close to her began getting in trouble with the police.

Other victim 6

According to court documents, Golubski met this victim in 2004 after he responded to her home on a report of a drive-by shooting.

Days later, Golubski pulled her over when she was on her way to work and allegedly told her he knew her sons were involved with criminal activity. Court documents say he threatened to arrest her sons unless she performed sexual acts on him. When she refused, Golubski allegedly told her he would take her sons down.

When this victim called the KCKPD internal affairs unit to report the incident, they allegedly told her there was nothing they could do because it was her word against Golubski’s.

The alleged harassment continued, court records say, and when the victim told her sons, they responded that Golubski had been harassing them.

When one of the sons was arrested, Golubski allegedly told the victim, “I told you. I told you I would get him.”

Other victim 7

In 2004 a victim said that Golubski called her after seeing her booking photo and told her to meet him at the courthouse, which she did.

He then allegedly led her to an abandoned office in the building and told her to kiss him while he was rubbing his genitals, which she interpreted as a demand for sexual favors.

Someone knocked on the door after Golubski attempted to kiss the victim. Before she was able to leave, he allegedly told her that if she told anyone she would end up in the morgue and he would cover it up.

Prosecutors allege Golubski is more dangerous now

In the government’s argument for Golubski to remain jailed pending trial, they argue that he is more dangerous today than in the past.

“Though the defendant’s charged crimes occurred decades ago, he has demonstrated a continued pattern of engaging in predatory behavior and implicit and explicit threats,” the motion argues.

Prosecutors argue that there is “no condition or combination of conditions [that] will reasonable assure the safety of other people or the community” and that Golubski’s “dangerousness is further heightened because he is facing a potential sentence of life in prison for his crimes.”

Golubski will be in court for a detention hearing at 3 p.m. Monday at the federal courthouse in Topeka.

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