New exclusive dating app, ‘The League,’ launches for hundreds looking for love in metro

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Move over, Bumble and Tinder. There’s a new social dating app in Kansas City, and it’s fairly exclusive.

The League launched in the metro in April to a small group of 500 founding members. The creators behind the app originally planned to roll it out late this year, but the number of people applying soared.

“We actually saw that our sign-ups in Kansas City skyrocketed, so then we started doing our research around the community and all the young people are moving there,” said Meredith Davis, the communications director for The League.

Unlike other dating apps, potential users on The League must fill out an application that includes their educational background, profession, a complete bio and six pictures that clearly show the person’s face. The company vets and authenticates the information through the applicant’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

“We are an app for people who are ambitious, career-focused and really want to meet someone and are serious about dating,” Davis said. “We don’t invite people if they have shots with a lot of keg stands or beer pong or sunglasses. This is a really professional community.”

Although exclusive, Davis said the free app is not full of “elitists.”

“We are a close-knit community, but we feel that is actually the press proxy for success,” Davis said.

FOX4 talked to several young adults about the app on Monday, and they had mixed reactions.

“I think it’s interesting,” said Geoffrey Johnson, who no longer uses dating apps. “It goes a little deeper than a lot of the other ones.”

“I think a lot of people like the idea of being in an elite category that not everybody can be in,” said Holly Grimwood, who’s never used a dating app. “When you get involved in an app like that, you are very clear about what’s important to you in life.”

“I’d rather wait a longer period of time to find somebody that I truly connect with than scrolling through people like scrolling through a cookbook,” added Mikaela Johnson, who thinks dating apps are overrated.

The average age of users in Kansas City on The League is 28. The app also features groups and events so its members can meet up with potential mates. The current wait list in Kansas City is three weeks long; there are more than one million people waiting to be invited globally, according to Davis.



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