New Facebook Feature Allows Users to Opt In to Brand Page Notifications

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Facebook users need no reminder that the social site is always changing — usually with little or no warning.

One of the most recent additions is the ability for users to opt in to receive notifications from brand pages. Currently, content posted by brand pages like FOX 4 Mornings News and FOX 4 News Nightside can be missed by users who have “liked” the pages. That’s because Facebook’s algorithm ranks content and decides what users will be most interested in reading. The more comments and likes a posts get, the more likely it will be seen by more users. Otherwise, it could simply fade into cyber oblivion.

The new feature — that’s not available to everyone just yet — could help change that. It allows users to opt in to receive notifications or to have posts pushed to their news feed. According to, the new feature is similar to the “close friends” option, which alerts users each time a new update or photo is shared. However, early tests from us did not alert us of notifications from pages we opted into.

To find this feature, simply click the “Like” button on any brand page. A drop down window will appear and you can select the option(s) you prefer.

If you opt into this new feature, we are interested in what you think. Are alerted to each new post from brand pages? Are you alerted to new comments from all users? Do you feel like you’re receiving too many notifications after opting in to receiving them? Leave us a comment in the section below.



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