New FB Status Updates in Louisiana: Sex Offender

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tom Stolz has three sons, and he's not willing to take any chances with their safety.

"We only have a computer in a room where we can all see it, so we don't really have computers in kids' rooms or any area where we don't hang out together," Stolz explained.

That's why he's in favor of a new Louisiana law which will  require sex offenders to include in their Facebook profiles that they're a sex offender, what crime they committed, their physical characteristics, and their home address.

Dave Schaper likes the idea.

"I think I'd rather have somebody tell us that they're going to be on Facebook, so you can protect people like your children," he explained.

However, there are some pitfalls with the law, which Schaper and Stolz agree could be problematic- is the law effective?

"I just don't know if it'd be very effective or not.  People have ways of getting around everything if they really want to," Nicole Vallet said.

Pam Cloud believes the law should be tougher.

"I don't think they should be allowed access to the internet or to Facebook for that matter," she said.

The law has its opponents.  Some say it may violate a sex offender's first amendment rights.  One media lawyer from Kansas City says the law may face lawsuits, so Louisiana will have to prove that this is the most direct way to prevent children and sex offenders from having contact online.

Cloud says her best form of protection watching her daughter.

"It starts with the building blocks at home to begin with number one, so she knows her territory and she knows what she's allowed to do and what she's not allowed to do," she explained.

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