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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new type of eating experience is coming to Kansas City, and it’s sure to have something that will tickle anyone’s taste buds.

It’s called Parlor KC, and the eatery is set to open next month in the Crossroads at 1707 Locust. It looks like just an old building on the outside, but the inside is being transformed into something much more modern.

“We believe that the Crossroads is the future of Kansas City, and to get in right now and be a part of that up wave is something that we’re really intentional about and humbled and excited to be a part of,” Parlor KC partner Davis Engle said.

The food hall, the owners said, is the first of it’s kind in KCMO. Parlor KC hopes to be three stories of gastronomic goodness.

“Giving people a taste of things that they can`t really get anywhere else, so pushing the boundaries on food — not to make it unapproachable, but give a wide array of food for people in Kansas City to try in one location,” Engle said.

The space is set to open mid-September and offers foods by independent local kitchen concepts. Fried chicken and pizza are definitely on their menus, but Yucatan, Korean and Nordic faire are there to diversify the deliciousness.

Here is a list of the eateries available:

  • Sura Eats — Korean food specializing in bowls.
  • Karbón — Yucatan and middle eastern eats.
  • Yaki-Ya — Japanese grilled street food.
  • Farm to Market Bread Co. — Sliced meat sandwiches with a farm to table flair.
  • Vildhäst KC — Scandinavian street food.
  • Providence Pizza Co. — a pizzeria based out of Grandview pops up at Parlor.
  • Mother Clucker — Nashville style hot chicken.

“We want the experience to be about eating, drinking and hanging out. Not as your traditional restaurant where you just go, you get a meal, and you leave. This is really a place where you can come try seven different concepts that have full menus, have some beers with your friends, hang out,” Engle siad.

The bar will be run by Parlor KC with service to your seat. They also have a rooftop bar, event space and what would the Crossroads be without vibrant wall murals throughout the space.

“I couldn’t think of a better city to do it in with better people and better culture, so I’m very humbled,” Engle said.

Parlor KC is also hiring 60 employees to work at their food hall for a variety of bar staff positions. They are looking for bartenders, bussers, bar backs, hostesses and cocktail servers. If you would like to submit your resume, you can do that by clicking or tapping here.