New free parking lot opens for drivers waiting to pick up passengers at KCI Airport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re headed to the airport to pick up someone who’s traveling, there’s a new place to wait for free, without tying up traffic by circling around and around.

A new cell phone waiting lot is designed to make life easier for airport customers. The new parking lot is right across the street from the airport Marriott, at 680 Brasilia Avenue, only a short drive to the terminals nearby.

Friends and loved ones of air travelers had been able to wait near the airport control tower, but that land is needed for construction of the new KCI passenger terminal.

So starting Monday, those picking up flyers, including rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, need to wait in the new parking lot, which is easier to find, thanks to plenty of signs to guide drivers.

“We had to take out the return to terminals loop that people would oftentimes maybe swing through the terminal, go around and go around,” said Joe McBride of the Kansas City Aviation Dept.

“Right now, the way to circle back to terminals is to use Paris Street or Bern Street. I say, why go through the hassle? Go straight to the cell phone lot and relax, wait until it’s time to go up to the terminal and pick up your person.”

The new lot includes restrooms for all drivers who are waiting, and a building also houses a taxi dispatch area for cabs, limos and vans. There are more than 90 parking stalls for those with cellphones to call their traveler and rideshare drivers.

It was a pretty busy place Monday morning with some drivers telling FOX4 the airport may need a bigger parking lot.

For those who drive themselves to the airport, there are still plenty of parking options open, including the economy lot, curbside valet and circle garage parking.

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