New metro gun club focused on women, aiming to instill confidence


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a new group empowering women to learn to shoot guns. Pretty Pistols Posse want women across the KC metro to feel confident enough to protect themselves and exercise their 2nd Amendment right. 

Cofounder Latasha Jacobs said it all started as a few friends just hanging out. 

“As we began to come to the range in a regular basis, more and more women would see us and want to participate,” Jacobs said. 

The group’s membership has more than tripled since August 2020. Cofounder Rashaun Garlington said they’ve drawn a diverse crowd of women, all interested in learning more about firearms. 

“We are a team of so many different women from different backgrounds — children, no children, business owners, nail techs, makeup artists, bankers,” Garlington said. 

These founders were already gun owners, but they didn’t regularly shoot. Now the group meets at least once a month for target practice. They emphasize gun safety and education while smashing stigmas and stereotypes. 

“Our Black men can protect themselves and carry guns, and they’re not gangsters. Our Black children, we can teach them gun safety, and they’re not going to grow up to be gangsters,” Garlington said. “Black women can carry guns and protect themselves because we don’t necessarily need someone else to do it for us.” 

Industry data shows Black people are one of the fastest growing groups of gun owners. Many bought their first firearm in 2020. 

“We want you to be empowered to know you’re the first line of defense. You are your first responder. You are the one who can be there to protect your family,” Jacobs said. 

Whether you’re a sharp shooter or never pulled a trigger, Pretty Pistols Posse hopes their group can give you the tools to use a weapon with confidence. 

“Black, brown, white, pink, yellow — we don’t care who you are, what you are just as long as you have an interest in wanting to learn more,” Garlington said. 

The group also meets for community service every month. They accept people of all ages, but anyone under 18 needs a parent or guardian. 


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