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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Public employees in Kansas can now carry concealed guns “on the job”. Knasas lawmakers recently passed the bill, which means anyone working for the state, such as paramedics and firefighters, can carry a gun.

Some public employees asked lawmakers for the right to carry a concealed weapon because of the dangerous and violent situations they experience on the job, and lawmakers listened.

The new gun law means firefighters, paramedics or anyone working for the state can now carry a concealed weapon.

For those opposed to the new law they don’t like the idea of “any” public worker being able to bring a gun into their home.

One official says he’s not worried about a first responder’s judgement, he’s concerned about what could happen inside the department when a firefighter is asleep or in the shower.

“If it provides individuals a feeling of additional safety going in, that’s an individual thing,” Newton fire and EMS chief Mark Willis. “From an organizational standpoint, there are hazards with carrying weapons.”

To prevent an employee from coming onto your property, you can post a “no gun” sign.