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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Have you ever seen a dog left on leash or left inside a car outside of a business? Now, thanks to a new invention called DogSpot, dog owners no longer have to do that.

“Many times I go to coffee shops and grocery stores, and I like to walk my dogs from my house there, and it’s really difficult to go to those stores and try to find places to put my dogs,” dog owner Shannon McLaughlin said. “I don’t feel comfortable tying them to a pole and hoping they’re there when I come back.”

DogSpot CEO Chelsea Brownridge said people now have a safe place for dogs to wait for a few minutes if they have to go run an errand.

“We do that by putting high-tech dog houses outside of grocery stores, restaurants, places that don’t allow dogs inside,” Brownridge explained.

The company expanded to 10 states this summer, including Kansas City.

“The chief innovation officer for Kansas City reached out to us and said that Kansas City absolutely had to be on the map, so that’s why were here,” Brownridge added.

The company now has two houses they launched in Kansas City: Natures Own grocery store and Bar K. Dog owners can take their dogs to either location to introduce their dogs to the dog house and let them check it out.

“There’s a lot of time where you just want to run in and grab a coffee or sandwich or do grocery shopping, and to be able to have your dog with you while you do that, I think is a game changer. So I think it’s really innovative and something a lot of dog owners will find value in,” said David Hensley, the co-owner of Bar K.

DogSpot is also participating in Kansas City’s Tech Week this week.

“Like a lot of entrepreneurs, it was a problem I was experiencing in my every day life,” Brownridge said.

Brownridge said she was struggling to find a place to leave her dog while running errands. Now all you have to do is download an app.

“You’re able then to watch your dog on the phone as well. There’s a web cam, always keep an eye on them. There’s air conditioning and heating, so you’re able to monitor temperature. They’re cleaned every single day and between every single use,” Brownridge said.