New hot box trailers to help city’s massive pothole problem

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Since December, Kansas City, Missouri Public Works has filled more than 18,000 potholes.

But there are still more than a thousand more requests to fix missing chunks of pavement around the city. And there’s a new device the city hopes will help us all have a smoother drive soon.

You might be used to seeing big orange trucks going through the city with asphalt to fill potholes. But a set of new smaller rigs, will be much easier navigating neighborhoods.

The devices are called hot box trailer. It hooks to smaller trucks, and can haul up to three tons of asphalt. And similar to the big rigs, it can unload from the back.

There’s even a roller attachment to smooth things out once a hole is filled.

With more than 1,000 pen 311 requests to fix potholes on KCMO streets, crews need all the help they can get.

“We’re really excited about the flexibility and accessibility these smaller units will allow us to address potholes,” Maggie Green said, spokesperson for Kansas City Public Works.

Public Works is still a little short staffed. A few new crew members are being trained. But as more open slots get filled, and the weather warms up, the quicker all those potholes can get repaired.

The new hot box trailer devices could hit the streets as early as this Friday.

The city bought three of the trailers for pothole patching so one can be stationed at each of its three street maintenance divisions.



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