New Jersey man charged after threatening to ‘blow up’ airplane diverted to KCI

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A New Jersey man is facing federal charges after interfering with a flight that was diverted from Los Angeles to KCI Thursday afternoon.

Jwan Curry, 40, of Hamburg, faces one federal count of interfering with a flight attendant.

According to court documents, Curry was on an Alaskan Airlines flight that was scheduled to fly from JFK to LAX. He became agitated when he could not use the bathroom in the front of the aircraft.

He allegedly got into an argument with a flight attendant. Court documents said they told him he could not use the bathroom at the front of the plane because a flight crew member was inside it at the time.

According to the affidavit, Curry was screaming, cursing, swinging his arms and pacing up and down the aisle. He finally entered the bathroom at the back of the plane, where he stayed for an unusually long amount of time.

When the flight captain announced that everyone should return to their seats, the attendants said that Curry became angry and began punching the seat and himself.

Curry allegedly threatened to “blow up” the airplane and said he was going to “kill everyone.”

Four passengers on the plane were given flex cuffs and helped restrain Curry until the flight was able to land safely at KCI, where Curry was taken into custody.

Curry is still in federal custody, pending a court appearance.

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