KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new organization is seeking to close the gap and create more opportunities for disadvantaged students across our area.

“We’re an education advocacy organization” Samara Crawford-Herrera, Executive Director of the Kansas City Action Fund said.

Crawford-Herrera has spent most of her adult life trying to effect change in education across the country.

Now, her organization is trying to reach students that many times get left behind.

“What we really believe is that we have a system wide structure here in Kansas City that isn’t doing the best for our most marginalized learners,” Crawford-Herrera said.

Not only helping to sharpen up students in the classroom, but giving them the opportunity to believe.

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” Crawford-Herrera said.

She says it starts by listening to what our kids have to say, so that real progress can be made and words finally turn into action for communities that, have been on the outskirts for far too long.

“We have an obligation to make all of their experiences as powerful as possible because we’re depending on it,” Crawford-Herrera said.

Crawford-Herrera spent more than five years working in the Kansas City Public Schools System, focusing mainly on outreach. With the old superintendent out and the search for the new one in full motion, she says that person must understand the moment.

“It’s the perfect marriage between hope and urgency I want someone who unequivocally believes in students and values students over systems” said Crawford-Herrera.

To learn more about the Kansas City Action fund you can visit their website.